It’s imperative to have a healthy gut in order to have a healthy body. Your gut is the core command center for keeping everything running smoothly. It regulates inflammation, toxins, hormones, and is the gateway used to distribute nutrients into the bloodstream. The impact your gut has on your health is paramount. By simply reassessing your eating habits and implementing some de-stressing activities you may be able to transform your mental, spiritual and physical health. Learn what you need to have a healthy, happy gut and you’ll have have a healthy, happy body!


A Fasting Track to Healing

A Fasting Track to Healing

An extensive log documenting healing through intermittent fasting.   Hello Beautiful Friends! Do you struggle with eczema or another skin condition? I do... But did you know we don't have to live with hand eczema forever! I've had many ups and downs with my...

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Embodying optimal health I believe has three folds. Each layer is intertwined and effecting the other like a silken web. It’s impossible to seperate them. If one falls out of balance the others may also be effected. In order to have the joy, happiness and health that you want allow for the remedy to be revealed from any of the three areas. Body, Mind and Spirit.
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Sacred Soul Circle
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It's time to help your body heal by speaking the language your cells understand. Frequency and Vibration. 

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