Hi Love Light!

Summer is in full swing and health and overall wellness has probably started moving up higher on your priority list.

Maybe you want to fit into your swimsuit from last year, or perhaps you want to have the energy required to do fun summer activities like hiking, swimming and biking, or possibly you’re just ready to feel good again.

Whatever your reason for wanting to become more in alignment with health, the truth is, it doesn’t always happen.

What is it that keeps you from fulfilling your health goals?

How you feel is so incredibly important. However, it’s so easy to ignore unwanted symptoms because making a change can feel like climbing Mt. Everest! You end up putting it off for another day and say you’ll address the issue later when the timing is better. Until one day, you realize that years and years bad timing have gone by and your body and state of mind are in worse shape than they were before.

Loving your body by giving it what it needs is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give to yourself, but how do you get the lasting results you want without killing yourself in the process?

It’s time to love you and your body! 

You deserve to live a healthy, happy life and there are natural ways to assist your body to feel good and inspire the change you’re wanting to see. All you need to do right now is say YES!

First and foremost, your health success begins in your state of mind. You can try to whip yourself into action or… you can inspire yourself into action!

Which one sounds more appealing? I think I’ll forego the whipping welts and take the latter option.

But how?


1. Think it’s easy and it is.

Health begins with your thinking habits. If your desires and thoughts are out of alignment, the outcome will be a stalemate. You cannot “will” yourself into health while telling yourself things like, “I’ll never be healthy.” or “This health thing is just too hard.” You’ll probably find yourself working harder and harder trying to achieve the results you so desperately are wanting while your body just keeps mirroring your internal voice.

I’ve said this many times, but I know it’s a concept that requires repetition. If you want lasting change in your body, it’s imperative to scour your thoughts for negative thinking patterns and replace them with thoughts that create the life you want. You don’t have to change them all at once. Give yourself grace for each step and celebrate your victories! You’re doing the best you can do right now. Check out Stairsteps to Wellness for more encouragement.

2. Embrace health as your natural state of being.

Imagine yourself in a financial situation that would possibly put you out on the street. Then out of the blue a long lost relative calls and tells you about a trust fund with plenty of money to take care of you for the rest of your life. That would be a relief and amazing right?!! Although, the wild thing is, you end up not accepting the gift because you’ve never met this relative before and it just seems too far fetched for you to take a chance.  You tell your relative you don’t believe them and you’re going to go ahead and live in the homeless shelter.

Would you believe me if I told you that you’re in this situation right now? This not only applies to abundance, but it’s true about your state of health as well! There’s a flow of wellness right here for you to tap into that will drastically change your life. Health is who you are. It’s your birthright. It’s when you hold onto beliefs that don’t line up with this truth that you keep experiencing what you don’t want. Allow yourself to let go and receive the gift that’s been yours from the very beginning. I know it can almost sound too good to be true, but you’ll never know if you don’t take that chance. You may also enjoy, No Diet About It. Happiness is Now!

3. Give up the whip and take a sip.

This culture believes in the philosophy “no pain, no gain”. It’s believed that you must work harder and pay your dues to make all your dreams come true. Yet, the reality is, this kind of “whipping yourself into action” approach is the very reason there are millions of worn-out, burned-out, unfulfilled and unhappy people in the world. They took the bait, gave up their freedom and peace for an empty promise of fulfillment and contentment that will only happen after they finally arrive in the promise land, but the land of milk and honey, health, wealth and happiness never comes.

The truth is health, wealth and happiness is only found right here and right now. It’s when you drink from the fountain of love, joy and goodness on a daily basis that all you want starts to show up at your doorstep. There’s no need to push yourself harder to achieve the health you desire. That kind of motivation isn’t sustainable. Allow yourself to let go, sit back with a tall glass of love and acceptance, take a drink and let the healing liquid flow through your cells. Relax into the flow and observe how your life and health begins to change. You can always choose peace and enjoy yourself…right now.

Inspired Health,

Sharla xo

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