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Sharla’s Latest Single – ‘As We Sing’ 


From Fear to Flow

Sharla Ember is a musical mystic, transformational healer, channel, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her musical sound crosses into many cultural styles and time signatures and is sprinkled with layered harmonies and counter melodies that enchant the soul.  

In 2003, after having an encounter with divine unconditional love and realizing that God IS unconditional love, she left the fear-based fundamentalist dogma she had grown up with. This experience marked the beginning of an intense inward journey that she now expresses through her work and music.

She is the founder of her spiritual mentorship program, ‘Breakthrough To Be You’ and leads workshops and events where she combines music, meditation, channelling and spiritual training to help people discover their deepest soul purpose and return to their natural state of being which is Love. It’s her passion to bring all races, religions and cultures together in unity through music, community, unconditional love and acceptance.


What People are Saying

“Creates a
sacred space”

“It’s not only moving and beautiful, but also healing and elevating.”

Ivy Norris

the chatter”

“She knows from some deep place within just the right words to use at the exact right time to help me steer my ship and sail true to my core.”

Rose Culbreath

to be a golden experience”

“She will always believe in you and your potential to be the best YOU possible.”

Judy Keefe

“Amazing gift”

“Hiring Sharla was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!”

Krista Dalrymple

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