At the forefront of transformative experiences, Sharla Ember curates and leads a harmonious tapestry of workshops, guided group interactive musical meditations, activations, and spiritual concerts. Her mission resonates with the goal of reacquainting us with our true essence and rousing the dormant echoes of our Soul blueprint. Within the embrace of her offerings, individuals are invited to converge, release, and shed the layers of fear-driven conditioning, while harmonizing with their authentic core and unreservedly embracing whatever form of expression emerges.

Sharla’s journey spans across years of guiding worship in diverse global churches. Today, her message has evolved from a singular perspective to encompass a broad, all-encompassing approach to spiritual leadership. Without reservation, she invites people from every faith, race, walk of life, hue, and culture to unite beyond distinctions, harmonizing to collectively uncover the divine essence residing within each of us. In her orchestrated gatherings, the borders between differences fade away, leaving room for a shared experience of the transcendent that binds us all.

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