Sharla is a musical mystic, transformational healer, divine channel, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, gut health enthusiast and teacher of core revitalization. Her powerful gift of holding space for unconditional love through channelled music, love and healing attracts others to heal, awaken and return to their natural state of being which is wholeness and love. It’s her desire to help others become free from fear-based conditioning and dogma so that they can truly experience freedom of expression, fulfill their soul purpose and live a rich life.

Sharla was raised in a fundamentalist Christian tradition and served as a worship leader for many years. After having an encounter with divine unconditional love and realizing that God IS unconditional love, she left the dogma of Christianity to embark on a soul journey free from the oppressive fear she grew up with. 

She discovered a new path that has no room for fear while still embracing some of the impactful loving aspects of the experience from her past.

Although judgment, separation and fear seem to permeate throughout much of the modern church, Sharla also experienced a powerful and passionate connection to God as being the one who is passionate for her and loving towards her. This evoked a passion to love God back with fervor. Although, her desire for a fearless love has taken her beyond what the church was able to offer at that time. She began to know God outside of the church walls and found that God’s grace and love exists everywhere and in absolutely everything. Furthermore, she was introduced to the Law of Attraction principles, The Power of Now and an approach that includes metaphysics, meditation, the mystical, all religions, all cultures and all people.  

Sharla now has a passion to fuse the two approaches together; the passionate love between God and man as well as knowing we are the manifestation of God itself.

She believes embracing both approaches to God can unleash a powerful, synergetic connection to the divine, who we truly are, igniting our deepest soul purpose and drawing us to return to our natural state of being which is love.

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"Healing is what naturally happens when our body, mind and spirit align with the truth of who we are."

"The most beautiful healing, connected experience and revelation comes when you let it all go and let love in."

A little more about me…

I’m a life adventurer, externally as well as internally. I’m a huge dork, who believes we need to make crazy, unbridled, loud sounds and body movements on a regular basis without inhibition. Music feels like my truest voice. The love of people, different cultures, and music has taken me around the world from Bulgaria to Brazil, Trinidad to Denmark, London to New York. Each place has left an imprint on my heart of beauty and wonder. I love our diversity! I celebrate all the remarkable cultures and people throughout the world.

I have 4 incredible boys and an amazing husband who constantly challenges me to be true to who I am. We share an extraordinary journey together, stretching what has become comfortable, believing in the “all possible” and daring to be our authentic selves, no matter what the cost. It’s rough at times, but so incredibly rewarding!

My children continuously fill me with a greater understanding of love, because it’s really hard to love them sometimes!! Seriously, kids will be kids, and I have beyond beautiful, intelligent and infinitely amazing ones! Every single day, I feel inspired to have these little mystifying teachers in my life.


I hope you will stick around awhile. I’d like to get to know you! If you’re interested in receiving a weekly dose of heartfelt articles bursting with encouragement to hopefully help you see how great you are and the world around us, then subscribe and don’t forget to check out the Breakthrough To Be You community. Love to you!!

Sharla xo

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