Stairsteps to Wellness

A life change is often an inevitable part of reversing the effects of an extended period of unhealthy habits. Inspiration is what navigates the journey and what leads us to success. Be inspired into change. Connect with what you truly want and allow the feeling of wellness and health to guide you. There is no wrong or right.

Making drastic changes to your life and/or diet can be a challenge, especially if you attempt to change your habits all at once. I suggest doing it step-by-step and always be mindful of how you feel along the way. Remember listening to your internal voice and your body is one of the most important things to do in this process.

As you walk up the stair steps to wellness, know that it is perfectly good and even necessary to pause on each step. Take it all in. Allow the present change to sink in before taking another step. If you try to transition too quickly, there’s potential for becoming overwhelmed and then you may want to abandon the process all together. Remember that any substantial change, whether physical or emotional, will come through a series of steps that build upon each other. Consequently, the more deliberate the steps, the stronger the foundation and the more certain the change will be…until you’re positioned for another change– because  experiencing change is the only thing that doesn’t change.

What do you feel is an obtainable goal? Remove or add one thing and allow yourself to adjust to that rhythm before removing or adding something more. Also, when it comes to your health, finding diet-approved replacements can be extremely helpful during those late-night cravings and help to ease a negative emotional response you may be experiencing.

I have found that what we are feeling emotionally is just as great as, or in some cases, even more of, an influence upon our health than what we are eating. If cutting out grains and sugars all at once is too much to handle, a gradual suggestion would be to switch your bread to Ezekial bread or something gluten-free first before removing bread altogether. Additionally, instead of continuing to eat all sugars, begin by cutting out high fructose corn syrup, then progress to eating only honey and maple syrup until you feel you can remove sugars all together. You may be someone who needs a clean cut from the beginning. That’s fine, too. Whatever works for you! There are many variables. Not one person is the same. Feel free to ask any questions. I will do my best to help you along this very important journey.


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