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Pain is inevitable. We all know it well. Whether we want to admit it or not, it seems to lurk around the most elusive corners.

Some of us run from it, some of us put on our boxing gloves and try to beat it out of ourselves and others try to pretend it’s not there at all. However, none of these methods really seem to do any good.

The pain persists, often on an acute level. Yet, sometimes it just lays low and hangs around like a persistent cold.

Life can throw us some curve balls and when it does – what are we throwing back?

Through the years, I’ve done all of the above! I’ve tried to escape from my pain. I’ve tried to force it out with relentless criticism and judgment. As a matter of fact, I spent many years of my life completely shut down, incapable of crying and unable to admit that I had any feeling at all other than feeling really annoyed. 

This is not living people! Nope, not living at all.

Yet, this is what we tend to do! We settle. We go years and years allowing our emotional basement to house dark and stale memories that are slowly releasing a toxic load into our system physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, these old, moldy beliefs clog our minds, block our hearts and drag down our relationships with ourselves and with others.

Why do we drink the poison that is our pain?


What is the antidote? Where’s the relief?

Are we destined to take our pain to the grave or is there a way to zap that crap?

In this day and age, we have a tremendous amount of healing tools at our fingertips. It’s not hard to find some kind of healing practice promising deliverance. Many of them deliver on their promises, but what happens when you’re left feeling unmoved and unchanged?

Surely, there are no simple answers. There are so many variables to consider.

Although, when I feel this way, the thing that always helps to pull me out of the muck is knowing – I am not my pain.

The message that rings true for me in every ounce of my being is understanding that we come from a loving Source. Furthermore, we are that love. It runs deep in every fiber of our being, but in our human condition, we have forgotten. For this reason, I didn’t always believe. I lived in a state of amnesia and believed instead that there was something innately wrong with me. Consequently, I felt I needed to be fixed. This kind of belief system is a pain producing machine that will bulldoze you down over and over again as long as you allow it to have power within you.


Learn these 8 Powerful Antidotes to release the pain and step into your innate, divine power so you can live a fulfilling life right now!

1. Be honest with yourself. Really honest. What beliefs do you believe about you or your situation that are holding you back from being the you that you want to be?

2. Be loyal to your desires, dreams and visions for your life. Honor and respect yourself as the loving creation of God that you are. If you could choose to do anything in life what would it be? Honor that choice.
3. Begin to create a sacred space in your house and in your heart; a special place to meet with God that is the loving Source within you.
4. Cry releasing tears. If you can’t access those tears, ask your loving Source to help you let go so you can release them.
5. Surrender. Surrender the pain, the things you don’t understand and the things that you think you do understand and then surrender some more.

6. Know that love is what’s deep inside you, not fear, shame, guilt, ugliness or hate. Those feelings abide in a much shallower place than the truth of who you are.

7. Begin to remember your true essence by honoring all that has happened in your life, even the god-awful things. From this place of acceptance comes healing and forgiveness.
8. Forgive yourself and others for everything! Take yourself off the hook that drags you down and wants to drown your soul in shame and sorrow. Forgiveness is a decision not to be defined by any circumstance and is a call to return to your natural state of being which is love. Know that your core is perfectly innocent and give it all to Love.
You don’t deserve the pain no matter what your judgmental, condemning thoughts have to say about it. The truth is, your core is freedom and innocence itself.

When you hold yourself away from the truth of the love that you are, you’re actually choosing to suffer. Release yourself and be who you truly are!

You’re free beloved! You are the infinite joy and freedom that cannot be contained. Simply live in your essence of unconditional love and set yourself free!

Happy Healing,
Sharla xo


I want to help you come into alignment with your true core being so you can live the life you want to live! No more beating around the bush and settling for less than what you're meant to be. I'm here to help you walk through the practices that I've used and continue to use in my life to go from fear to flow, pain to peace and broken to whole. You can too!

Sharla is a musical mystic, transformational healer, divine channel, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, gut health enthusiast and teacher of core revitalization. Her powerful gift of holding space for unconditional love through channelled music, love and healing attracts others to break out of old belief patterns, awaken and return to their natural state of being which is wholeness and love.

It’s her desire to help others become free from fear-based conditioning and dogma so that they can truly experience freedom of expression, fulfill their soul purpose and live a rich life.

Sharla was raised in a fundamentalist Christian tradition and served as a worship leader for many years. After having an encounter with divine unconditional love and realizing that God IS unconditional love, she left the dogma of Christianity to embark on a soul journey free from the oppressive fear she grew up with. She discovered a new path that has no room for fear while still embracing some of the impactful loving aspects of the experience from her past.

Although judgment, separation and fear seem to permeate throughout much of the modern church, Sharla also experienced a powerful and passionate connection to God as being the one who is passionate for her and loving towards her.

This evoked a passion to love God back with fervor; although, her desire for a fearless love has taken her beyond what the church was able to offer her at that time.

She began to know God outside of the church walls and found that God’s grace and love exists everywhere and in absolutely everything.

Furthermore, she was introduced to the Law of Attraction principles, The Power of Now and an approach that includes metaphysics, meditation, the mystical, all religions, all cultures and all people. Sharla now leads workshops, transformational programs and events. 

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