Hi Powerful Friend!
Are you living the life you came here to live? Is your life an endless merry-go-round with the same old, annoying song and dance spinning round and round your head?

Sometimes you may wonder, is this really all there is?

Living in our personal power isn’t about always getting it right nor is it always about experiencing a “high”. It IS about knowing who we are in diverse circumstances, knowing when to fly and when to brood. A bird flies effortlessly with the wind and seeks shelter from the storm. We, all too often, can get so thrown off our center, due to negative beliefs or habits, that we hardly know when or where there is a storm; let alone an airstream we could catch effortlessly to avoid the obstacles below.

There will always be some hurdles in this life, the key is to get so familiar with our personal power that the trials of this world cannot lure us deep into the abyss.

In the midst of this diverse quilt of experiences, there is a song that can be sung in the best and worst of times. It’s the song of our unique heart that cannot be muted. It rings aloud from the roof tops; it reverberates through the lonely corridors of this life. When we align with its melody, we can soar above the highest of clouds, over the most majestic mountains, through the lowest of valleys, across sunflower fields, under the darkest of bridges; or we can sing while perched under the cradling branches of the source of life. There is so much love and support here for us no matter what the circumstances dictate around us. We are here. We are free. We are where we’re supposed to be in every moment. There are no mistakes, my love.


1. Comparing Myself To Others

The trap of comparing ourselves to others is so sneaky! I find myself experiencing its entrapments almost on a daily basis. There’s always someone who does something better, looks better, has more of whatever it is we’re wanting, or appears to have it all figured out. Yet, when we allow ourselves to get lost in the unconscious whirlwind of comparison, we lose every time.

If we could realize how preciously unique we all are; if we could see that our strength is in our diversity; If we could rise above our concerns of feeling inferior or the need to feel superior; if we could see, just for a moment, that each incredible soul on this earth is here to live only what they have come to give, then maybe we would understand the great value of being authentically who we are.

Let’s embrace who we are right now; our skin, our eyes, our laugh, our passions, our weaknesses, our unique (even quirky) expression of us and experience the fullness of our personal power. If we continue to try to live another person’s dream or vision meant for their lives, we’re selling ourselves short. Our “soul signature” is ours and ours alone. It is our own personal expression and only we have the secret code to unlock it and reveal it to the world. Read my post “No Diet About It, Happiness Is NOW!” for more on body acceptance.

2. Caring Or Assuming What Others Think Of Me

Being vulnerable to the opinions of others is something we learn at a very early age. Usually, we’re raised to believe that it’s the “right” thing to do. We’re actually taught that pleasing people is a characteristic of a good person and that it’s the polite way to be. If this is true, then why does it cause so much confusion and pain?

All I know is, when caring causes unhappiness, pain, confusion, purpose paralysis, fear, or insecurity we’ve moved away from our power and it ceases to have anything to do with caring any longer. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with caring what someone thinks; it just becomes disempowering when caring what someone thinks overrides our true needs and desires. That’s when it gets messy. We start sacrificing our own intuition for what someone else says we should do, act or be. The more we take the time to know who we are, sit with just ourselves and listen, the easier it is to avoid giving our power away. What are our desires, wants, fears, passions? What is our voice saying? What is the voice of our internal loving guidance? When the little nagging voice starts to speak to us about what all these people must think of us, we can listen to our voice and remind ourselves of what our true voice within says. Listen. Listen a lot. Listen again and then listen some more. Your voice is in there waiting to be discovered and activated by you!


3. Regretting The Past and Obsessing About The Future

I know I talk about this in almost every post, but I believe this to be truly one of the most important pitfalls to be aware of. Eckhart Tolle said something to the effect of “The Now is all there is”. It is soooo true! The past is in the past, the future (when we get there) will be… well… RIght Now! All we have is the present moment. It is the springboard for everything that we want to create in our lives. If right now we believe that we will never get there, then sadly we will never get there. If right now, we believe we cannot ever make enough money to be financially free, unfortunately, we will take that belief with us into the “future”. If right now we believe that we are not good enough, then we create a life that backs up those beliefs and so on and so on. We must embody and “feel” the life we want now by changing how we’re thinking about it on an energetic level. I know, in the beginning, it may feel like we’re being dishonest with ourselves to feel anything differently than what this physical experience seems to be saying to us, but it’s not! In all actuality, our core, the source of whence we came is abundant in all areas! Therefore, we are abundant now!

Allow the layers upon layers of untruths about yourself and your life; that you are undeserving, that there is not enough abundance to go around, that no one cares, that there’s not enough time, that you’re unqualified, that the powers that be are keeping you from an abundant life; to be skimmed off the top.

Let the brilliance of you be known!

When you align your beliefs with the truth of your abundant origin, the Universe will move mountains out of your way to reveal the glistening ocean of possibilities before you! You got this! Go and create your magnificent dreams and shine your personal power!

Sharla xo
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