Hi Sea Star!
I think one of the most impactful realizations I’ve ever had is understanding that I’m not on a journey of repairing old broken parts of myself, rather I’m dancing the dance of remembering who I am.

This is something that I think about probably more than anything. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it before and I believe its imperative for lasting happiness. Otherwise, we get tossed around by every fleeting wave of sorrow or fear and become defined by all the up’s and down’s, the systems of do’s and don’t’s, wrong and right and a feeling of unworthiness.

When you know that you come from an all encompassing, all loving source that supports you without any judgment, comparison, control or fear tactics, it becomes much easier to let go into the safety of Love (wounds and all) and BE who you truly are. Which is what it’s all about, right?

So, what if you can’t seem to feel in touch with that loving place in your life?

I’ve been there, believe me!

I didn’t grow up with a sense of safety or worthiness. I was taught to believe that the higher power in my life was someone who would be very disappointed in me if I took a “wrong” step and then by taking the “wrong” step I would possibly not be able to fulfill what I came to this earth to do. It would throw me down lower on the ranking system so to speak.

The thought of not living what I felt I wanted to do in life was devastating to me! I’ve always been very passionate about walking the walk that I feel called to, but the deep depths of unworthiness would seem to rear its ugly head every time I’d try to take a step forward.

Maybe, you feel this way. You want to be who you’re created to be, but the weight of unworthiness keeps latching on saying that you need ‘more of this’ or ‘less of that’ to be worthy and it keeps you from believing in yourself.

I want to tell you, first of all, that you’re not alone in that feeling and secondly, you’re on the right path!

Because, in the deep sea of feeling unworthy, you’re a starfish!

You may feel like you’re drowning in a deep, dark, scary ocean with countless predators and turbulent storms brewing, but it doesn’t matter. You’re made for this! You have everything you need for the environment you find yourself to be in. It’s not a coincidence that you’ve gone through the trials that you’ve gone through. Those imperfections are what make you perfect for the job! Sooner than later, you’ll see the sun rays piercing through the black waters and you’ll know, all is well.

Your core, whether you feel connected to it or not, is always shining its light, stable and secure because that’s who you are! If one of your little starfish arms gets cut off or threatened, the life in your core is right there ready to grow back stronger than before. You probably didn’t want that old stinkin’ starfish arm anymore anyways! The new one suits you much better.

And the most beautiful part about it is, this is the way its supposed to be! You’re created to be able to lose (what feels like a limb sometimes) and grow another one that’s even better and is in more alignment with who you are than the outworn, outgrown old ways from before.

In every moment, if you let go, allow all to be and look up, you’ll see the shimmering reflection of the sun’s warmth upon the ocean’s surface shining upon you morning by morning by morning. It’s always shining and it shines on you because you’re worthy.


1. Tear down the compartment walls

What has freed me is a shift in my perception from compartmentalizing everything into good and bad, wrong and right or do’s and don’ts. Instead, knowing that the energy of Love that supports us encompasses everything, even the things we perceive as bad. It’s those unpleasant experiences that cause us to see what we do want in this life and it draws us closer to living our true nature which is love. So don’t reject the “bad”, look at it straight in the face and say, “I’m not afraid of you!” and “You don’t define who I am.” The faithful love that you are will be right there holding you and believing in you.

2. Afraid? Do it anyway!

All my life, fear has wanted to be the star of the show. It’s always been right there vying for my attention and sad to say, I bought into it. In fact, I believed it was me. Isn’t that the case with most of us? Fear almost becomes a friend that we hide behind when we haven’t yet realized our power. It’s one of those parts of life that will always be there, yet an invaluable key is to know that fear doesn’t have to lead the way. It may follow you wherever you go, but it will always be one step, or how about, several miles behind you. So, don’t wait until fear is gone. That may never happen. Do it afraid! Get out there, make mistakes, exercise what you’ve got. Love, provision and joy will always be right there cheering you on all along the way. You’ll see that being in your natural state of love will fly you where fear could never go.

3. Unlock your personal power

This is a blog post that I’ve already shared, but I feel like is very poignant for knowing your worthiness. It talks about  how to avoid a few pitfalls that can keep you from stepping into your personal power, which is completely related to you feeling worthy. I hope you’ll hop on over and read more!

Worthy Star,
Sharla xo
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