Hi Powerful One,
Did you know fear is poison?

There was a time in my life when fear had become so familiar to me that I thought it was my friend. After all, living in fear was accepted by those around me, so I had no reason to abandon it. Furthermore, I was taught to fear. No one called it that, but fear is what it was.

It wasn’t until I realized that fear is not our natural state of being and not a characteristic of God that I was able to begin the journey of extracting it from my life.

Most of the deepest fear I experienced was being taught to me by those that I trusted. I was taught that God accepts us up to a certain point, but if we “screw up” then we need to repent to get right with “him” again.

Consequently, I was afraid I was displeasing God and afraid to speak my truth. Expressing myself freely the way that felt good to me was considered following the flesh. Thoughts of feeling like I would somehow miss the “right” way plagued me. I was afraid of what others thought of me and afraid that I was wrong or would be acting in a way that didn’t line up with God. Ultimately, I was truly afraid that I wasn’t good enough. On the surface I seemed fine, but in the depths of me there were some deep rooted beliefs that kept me caught in the snare of fear.

But one day, salvation came… and not in the way I had been taught all my life. I had been there and done that! This time, my salvation came in the form of a love that is truly complete and unconditional. A love with absolutely no conditions! None, Zero, Zilch!

This was unheard of in the fundamentalist Christian church I was raised in. Although, in theory the teachers and leaders that I followed would’ve said they serve an unconditionally loving God. Unfortunately, their actions and teachings demonstrated otherwise.

I discovered that unconditional love scared people. Doesn’t this mean it’ll just be a free for all and all hell will break loose? Without fear to keep us under control bad things were bound to happen. After all, we were “sinners.” It’s funny, actually the exact opposite is true. Fear is what keeps you in hell, releasing it is what draws you into the true essence of who you are, unconditional Love. This place is where heaven is found.

By letting go of the fear-based conditioning I’d grown up with, I was able to truly discover the truth of who I am! I discovered that the core of who I am is Love and that there’s no separation between me and God, who is the unconditional Love that lives in me. Love didn’t need to be found outside myself. I am Love.

Without fear controlling my life I wasn’t afraid of failing anymore, I didn’t have any reason to dampen my spirit and I could freely explore this amazing life without restrictions. I could trust that my core is good, that any pain or fear that I experience is just the parts of me that haven’t awakened yet to know that I am Love.

You’re an amazing powerful creator. Don’t let fear hold you back anymore. Embrace the love that you are in your core.


With Love,
Sharla xo
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