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One of the greatest lessons that I’m still learning in my life to this day is this notion of living in the present moment. What does it mean? Why would we want to do such a thing? After all, there’s so much to be done, so many dreams to reach for and so much in our past that needs to be made right. Right?

None of us want to suffer or live in perpetual pain, but is it really something that can be avoided? Rather, is it just our lot in life to live in misery?

All I know is my own experience…

Before I realized what it was to live in the present; my thoughts, my circumstances, my experiences and my emotions were mostly compiled of pain, regret, shame and fear from my past as well as the desire for the “out of reach” future to freakin’ get here already! It never occurred to me that there is a more fulfilling way to live other than escaping from the past and longing for the future.

Living the kind of life that I wanted was always something that I was projecting into my future. I thought my relationships, my career and my internal wellbeing would be amazing only if this and this and this could happen first. Consequently, I felt miserable. I was dangling my own carrot in front of my face and didn’t even know it!

Although, it wasn’t all for not. If suffering has a good side, it’s that it causes us to see what we don’t want and align with what we do want.

Eventually, it dawned on me that if I looked at myself through the lens of the present moment then all I would be able to see IS the present moment. From that place, my past has no power over me and my future doesn’t exist because I am the person I see myself to be in the future, RIGHT NOW!

I realized that our inner being comes from the unseen eternal Source and is, in fact, the present moment itself; a perspective where time doesn’t exist at all. The present moment is eternal! So the pain I was experiencing truly was a symptom of a limited and false perspective that I had identified with.

I believed that I was my past pain and that I wasn’t the dream of my future already. Therefore, I lived in a reality where past pain ruled the day and the future would never get here.

Until we drop this idea of past and future and realize that we have the power to shift our perspective to the eternal present moment, we will suffer.

We have to be willing to let it all go, forgive the past, forgive ourselves for limiting our own experience, release the future and allow the perspective of who we are to be radically transformed.

“You don’t have a life. You are life.” – Eckhart Tolle



Living in the present is not just a cool ideal to try to live by, its actually innately who we are!

We are the eternal. We are the presence. Our home is the eternal present moment.

This is where the magic happens and where dreams can manifest in an instant. After all, what other instant is there? When we deprive ourselves from fully letting go of the past and instead constantly obsess over the future, we prevent ourselves from embodying our true, blissful, joyful, loving nature.

In the present (our inner being) is where our power, our spirit, all that comes natural to us, all that feels good to us manifests. This is where our divinity can frolic through open fields of divine bliss. It truly does exist if you believe it to be so.

“You’ll see it when you believe it.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The question is, will you risk it all to believe in the all possible? Will you let go of who you’ve known yourself to be to meet your true  eternal self?

It’s scary, I know. The unknown always is. It’s a daily practice of surrender one step at a time, day by day.

When we die to our time-bound self we rise from the ashes in each and every moment. Through fervent devotion to the presence of love within us, we awaken the eternal power of our Source that is not separate from us. The reality of who we are grows and expands until that’s all we know, all we express and all we desire to offer the world.

What you’ll discover if you choose to do the same is that you’re endlessly supported, you’re loved beyond measure and you have absolutely everything you need for the journey.

I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed! So I encourage you to take the leap.

Burn your pain from your past to the ground and fly to the future on the wings of the present moment.

Live the life you came here to live. Don’t wait another second because it’ll never come. Your time is in the only reality…right now!

Peace and Presence,

Sharla xo

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