Soul-Song Activation

What is a Soul-Song Message from Spirit?

A Soul-Song Message from Spirit represents a is a personalized channeled experience designed exclusively for you. Through a blend of healing tones, frequencies, language both in English and the ethereal realm, as well as harmonious instruments, this message is conveyed to you directly from the spiritual realm.

Upon making your request, you’ll have the opportunity to elaborate on specific aspects of your life that you wish to be the focus of the Soul-Song. This empowers me to attune to your current aspirations from the Universe, God, or Spirit.

The entirety of this experience is captured in a recording, ensuring that you can revisit your Soul-Song as often as needed to maximize its benefits.

Once you’ve placed your order for a recorded Soul-Song, you can anticipate its delivery within 10-12 days.


  • 15-30 min. Personalized Soul-Song Intuitive video recording
  • Soul-Song mp3
  • Transcription of Soul-Song Message

Is a Soul-Song Message from Spirit right for you?

This message is ideal if you desire to:

    • AWAKEN the authentic truths that reside within you, enabling you to navigate the path designed for you in this moment.
    • BREAK FREE from antiquated belief patterns and shed behaviors that no longer serve your higher self.
    • TUNE your vibrational biofield to its innate equilibrium, fostering optimal well-being and a profound sense of joy.
    • ACTIVATE your Soul’s purpose and purify the energy centers within your chakras, allowing a harmonious flow of energy throughout your entire being.
    • UPGRADE your DNA coding and heighten your attunement to the spiritual realm, fostering heightened sensitivity.
    • ENHANCE your spiritual intuition and cultivate a deeper connection with your identity as a divine, spiritual being.
Soul-Song Sharla Ember



Video Only

Soul-Song Sharla Ember



• Video
• mp3
• transcription (any English words that come through will be transcribed for you)




Contact me to order your Personalized Soul-Song Message from Spirit

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