Your Problem Is Healing You

Your Problems Are Healing You

Hi Perfect One, Fear, hate, rage, unworthiness, jealousy, depression, anger, pain, resentment, guilt and shame, at times, seem to have ...
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billion year journey

A 13.8 Billion Year Journey. What Comes Next?

Hi Unifying Force! If we're really honest with ourselves we can see that the majority of our lives are spent ...
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Religion: Is There A Right Way?

Hi Love, In a world of countless religions, perspectives, ideas, practices and faiths, how do we choose? Which way is ...
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Fly to the Future on the Wings of the Present Moment

Hi Powerful Friend! One of the greatest lessons that I'm still learning in my life to this day is this ...
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  • Truly all we need is love This might sound tritehellip
  • Love my babe

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